12/15-12/19 DLP

12/15/2014 Took a quiz on the cantebury tales Begin to look at The Scholarship process know what different types of scholarships there begin researching a scholarship Wrap Up CT
Scholarship Article
My Strengths List
12/16/2014 Read an article about scholarships and developed a list of my strengths work with my table to research scholarship opportunities Am understanding the scholarship process will research the requirements of 2 separate scholarships Review our Strength list
Examine the scholarship Research Assignment
Begin using Search Tools
12/17/2014 began researching schoilarships continue researching scholarships Understand the scholarship process adequately research two more scholarships Check In on Progress
Mr. Omar Guest Speaker?
Continue Research
Goal Choose 1 Essay required Scholly
12/18/2014 Chose 1 essay Required Scholarship work independently and begin Writing that essay Understand the scholarship process Begin drafting my scholarship essay Reexamine Scholarship requirements
Begin Draft Scholly Essay
12/19/2014 Began drafting my scholly essay finish my first draft of scholarship essay Understand the scholarship process complete a working draft for this application Essay Check in
Essay work time
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